About us


Based in Rugby, Warwickshire. On the Rocks welcomes you to Rugby’s most unique dining experience – serving fresh and locally sourced ingredients, cooked at your table on an individual hot volcano stone plate. Every bite is delicious and cooked just as you like it!
Your personal super-heated lava stone acts as a table centrepiece, allowing you to cook a selection of meat, fish and vegetables exactly to your liking.


All our steaks are 28 day aged beef sourced from local Butchers Joseph Morris and are delivered daily. At On the Rocks we’re not just about our steaks, though it is a perfect way to cook Fillet, Rib Eye, Sirloin and Rump.

We also serve lamb, chicken, seafood and more…

About the rocks

Hot Rock cooking allows a unique and healthy way to enjoy your favourite foods, with no additional additives or fats used in the cooking process. The dry, super heat of the stone sears in all the delicious flavours of your chosen cut and then it’s up to you how you cook it…you really can enjoy every bite exactly how you like it.

It’s your choice. Cooked your way.

Happy sizzling!